A Lot of Hand Washing

Posted on April 21 2020

Well, here we are. At home. For Anthony and me, this is pretty close to business as usual. We both fortunate to have the space and facilities to work from home. We enjoy each other's company, and are happy to be homebodies together under the best, and worst, circumstances.

In general, I don't like to flood people with endless streams of blah, blah, blah. I sort of figure that you've found us, and maybe referred us, and if you are still a customer and reading this, we must be doing something right. and that something right doesn't include flooding your inbox. Also because I hate that myself. But this feels different. I resisted going all "Covid" on everyone till now. But frankly, I have been washing my hands more than I normally do, which was already all day long. As a result, my own hands are seriously drier. And yesterday, I got a crack at the edge of my thumbnail. So, yikes.

Anthony asked me if I was using HMH. He thinks he's funny. Of course I use my own product, wait. Was I? I had to ponder that for a minute. Our cakes keep hands protected through 2-3 hand washings. I know this well, since I have experienced it every day for the last 19 years. But since Covid, I have been washing my hands probably 12 times a day or more. And I have been applying HMH maybe twice a day? Morning and night? Maybe?

In my defense, I'm pretty busy. But now I have a crack in my thumb -- proof that I am not taking my own advice. Proof that I am not using my own product in the manner I recommend to you, my customers. Proof that he was right to ask. Well, fortunately, I have plenty of HMH. Now, I need to use it enough . My grand plan is to apply it in the morning after I apply my facial routine. At lunchtime, after I eat. In the afternoon, after I clean up and wash pots and tools, etc. and in the evening, while we are sitting down to read or watch something on TV. AT night, I usually put on Heal My Heels, so I massage some Heels into my hands. It's those middle of the day applications that are going to be hard. At least the azaleas are blooming! 

How are you doing? Are you using more HMH than normal to protect your skin through these constant hand washings? We'd love to know how you are coping! 




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