Our Story

2002 - NYC: We were living a busy, active life in New York. We gardened on our terrace, washed dishes and worked with glass, stone, metal, chemicals and concrete. We were rock climbers and scuba divers who went barefoot whenever possible. I had cracking bleeding fingertips and my better half had peeling palms. We both had hooves - not heels. Living in Manhattan, I had access to virtually every skin care product available and they were legion. We eventually tried enough of them to fill 2 medicine cabinets, not to mention trips to the dermatologists and prescriptions galore. But I never could find anything that actually worked - a simple, protective and moisturizing, all natural, petroleum and preservative free formula that I could carry easily in my bag. Lotions were too thin, heavy creams too greasy, most lotion bars or salves contained olive oil which went rancid too quickly for my taste, or borax which is soap. And none offered protection through a couple of hand washings.

One day in desperation, fingers bleeding, I set about researching ingredients and experimenting in my kitchen. It took six months of adding, subtracting and blending ingredients, in various combinations and proportions, to arrive at a product that softened my dry skin and healed my cracked and bleeding fingertips. Whoopee! a couple of friends noticed my lack of band aids and demanded the secret. So I packaged up some tins of my "cakes" and handed them out. A couple of weeks later, over lunch, a good friend spent and hour talking me into selling what I had made. Our very first product was Heal My Hands Lavender Mint, in honor of the fragrance of an all natural bath soak I once bought in San Francisco that I loved. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Heal My Hands has no artificial ingredients, fragrances, preservatives, or petroleum. There are no additives, fillers, stabilizers, thickeners or water. Our cakes are pure little powerhouses of emollient protection. As such, you need only use very little and the cakes last a long time. And they never go rancid! 

We base our moisturizers in Jojoba and Lanolin: the only two emollients (moisturizing ingredient) with a molecule small enough to be absorbed.  Shea, cocoa, hemp, almond, cupuacu, and avocado butters are wonderfully protective, softening and soothing, but they have big fat molecules that sit on the surface of the skin.  The real secret is in the Lanolin and the Jojoba. Heal My Hands products work, and they work fast. 

We use the best ingredients we can source. We use local ingredients whenever possible. We use organic ingredients wherever we can, and we continue to replace standard ingredients with organic ingredients as they become available.


All of our products carry a 100% money back guarantee. If you use a Heal My Hands Product and it does not solve your dry skin problems – call us and we will refund your purchase price. And you get to keep the product.

Our hand, heel and paw tins and Heal My Face 3 Grain Scrub and Mask jars are refillable - you order just the refills from us. This helps keep at least a little bit of packaging from the landfill. And we recycle all shipping and packaging materials.

What does this all mean? It means that we care: about you, about our products, and about our environment. It means that as new research is available, we will continue to offer you better products. And the best part of all – it means that we love what we do – because we’ve helped so many people. So please, when you are happy, tell your friends, add a review, and write us – it truly makes our day!

These days, after nine years in the foothills above Santa Fe, NM, we make Heal My Hands in Bethesda, MD.   

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We would be thrilled to have you as a customer for life. And we believe that once you use HMH you will not only love it and continue to use it, but spread the word and help your friends find us. I say this with confidence. Our products really work! 





Claudia & Suleiman the Magnificent - Aspen Vista, Santa Fe 2014