Back from Vacation!

Posted on September 16 2015

So we went to the Outer Banks. There were nine of us altogether. Our two daughters, their husbands, and three grandchildren. It was WONDERFUL! I have to admit that we were all worried about the spate of shark attacks in July, but we went into the water along with the few other families that were on our stretch of beach below the Rodanthe Pier. I am happy to report that no-one was bitten. We did not see a single fin. Whew. Our house was dog friendly, but none of us brought our dogs feeling like three large, wet and sandy, dogs would have put it over the top. I think we were right - but I felt bad for our little boy left at home when I saw other dogs running on the beach.

Maybe next year Suleiman, Willie and Skyler. Maybe next year.



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