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Indomitable, The Viceroy Chronicles, Book 1 (Hardcover)

$ 24.99

You’d have to be indomitable to survive vampires, angels, reapers, a troll-raiser, a witch, a mob-affiliated bagel-maker, and the adorable little blood-sucking dog who started it all. 

Gracie Rinelli, only wants to save enough money to have a cake truck and marry her boyfriend. But sometimes, what you are gets in the way of what you want. And the job you apply for isn’t the one you end up with. 

Join Gracie, Viceroy, Felix, and Lucy, as they spin New York city’s supernatural world into a royal rumble in a funny, New York gothic phantasmagoria on Death, unlikely friendships, and a good cup of tea.

Learn more and read the first chapter at www.claudiabrooke.com

Content Warning: Indomitable contains profanity, humor, violence, blood, vampire death, non-explicit sex, imprisonment, supernatural elements, vampirism, religious and spiritual references, and cultural references. Viceroy (the little cairn terrier) is perfectly happy and is not harmed in any way. One cat dies but is helped along by a kind reaper.


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